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Professional Mobile DJ services

Groove Essence DJs recognizes the need of the client.
Our services have been designed with the client in mind.

We have a assembled a variety of packages and stand alone services, to be 
cost effective and comprehensive. We have taken steps to ensure
that our clients recieve the maximum benefit of all our services.

Our goals are to save time, save money, and solve problems.
We have built in the benefits to the client as much as possible.



  • Professional Mobile DJ Services
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Party Planning
  • Event/Reception Planning
  • Event promotion
  • Event Host
  • Holiday Partys
  • Vendor support



Professional Mobile DJ Services

DJ services are the primary services that we provide. Our DJ services also
comes with a compliment of stand alone services, that we have included
in packages or bundles. Our services are available for the most common types of
events,and special events. Some of those events include but are not limited to:

• Wedding Receptions
• Birthday Partys
• Sweet 16 party's
• School dances
• Special Events

The benefit of our DJ services, is that the services are tailored to our client's specifications. 
Our DJ services are flexible because each event is different.
We understand that it is your event and the details must meet your criteria.

We perform more than just playing music. We are involved in the total experience and we view our performances from the clients point of view. Groove Essence DJs is a professional DJ service. Everything from dress, demeanor, communication, appearance and skill, we are professional. Our clients are those who demand professionalism and a 
higher standard of service.


 Groove Essence DJs understands that we cannot be all things to all  
 people, therefore, we specialize in certain genres of music.  One of the most 
 common request, is line dance music. Yes, we have line dance music. below is   
 a list of genres of music that we specialize in.

• Old school
• Hip Hop
• Old School Rap
• Blues Swing out
• Line Dances
• Main Stream
• Zydeco
• Reggae

Note: For situations such as sweet 16 or wedding receptions clean music versions are available. 
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Groove Essence DJs has experience in many different party situations.
Each event is different, however their are many similarities in party type events. Some  of the most common are:

•Sweet 16 (Clean versions of music)
•21st birthday
•30th birthday
•40th birthday
•50th birthday
•Holiday Party
•Homecoming Dances
•School dances/Proms
•Other Events



  Crowd Dynamics
We have experience in many different party situations, including the listed situations. How the    
client benefits from this, is we will use  our experience and knowledge in crowd dynamics,
to tailor the performance to the dynamics of the crowd. This helps our clients in situations
where the crowd dynamics are different than what the client expected. 

Simple things, such as, understanding what type of music best fits the crowd, and the timing 
of that music is invaluable. There are many different ways of handling this issue. We work
closely with you concerning this issue, for the simple reason that your event is to important 
for these important details to be left out and not closley scrutinized. 


Wedding receptions are very special events. The first order of buisness, is for us is to listen to the client. There are many different details that must be followed when coordinating a wedding reception. 

The services that we offer to support you in your wedding reception goals is a as follows,

• Reception planning
• Reception hosting 
• Mobile DJ services
• Master of ceremonies

Wedding receptions have dynamic crowds. Many different demographics of people attend. Our goal is to help eliminate some of the stress of planning and hosting your event. Our DJ services, serves to support you in not just playing music, but other things such as your bouquet and garter toss coordination.

We always take into account that everyone from the pastor to your 80 year old grandmother
will attend your reception. We take extra care to ensure that music played is clean and fits
your atmosphere.

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  Stand alone services are services that help in the support of your event. Although
  mobile dj services are our primary service, we recognize that the need exists for other
  services. Our stand alone services consist of: 
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Planning Services
  • Hosting Services
  • Promotion services
  • Vendor Support
   Stand alone services are available to clients that are in need of support services that do not
   include mobile dj services. These services are available to vendors as well. We will evaluate
   your entertainment plan for free. Submit your entertainment plan to us, and we will evaluate
   it free. For individual descriptions of these services please visit ourDJ service packages page.
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