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Professional Mobile DJ Packages


  Professional Mobile DJ packages

Packages are created to come as close to your needs
  and budget as possible. The DJ packages that are offered
  are the Economy Package, The Deluxe Package, The
  Signature Package, and the Premium package. Other services
  that are available include, Master of Ceremonies, Entertainment
  Planning, Invitations, and event promotions.Custom designs are
  also available for special needs.  



The economy package is designed to provide the basic necessities

for a small venue. Some events do not require any extras for the event.
If you are on a tight budget and you do not require any of the extras,
this is the package for you.

  • Accommodates up to approximately 50-75 guest
  • (2) 15" speakers mounted on tri-pods
  • (1) Wired microphone
  • Digital music
  • Saves money when extras are not needed (economical).
  • Solves problems on limited space, small set-up
  • Solves problems of an overwhelming DJ set-up.
  • Blends well with event decorations.
  • More flexibility. Solves problem of DJ set-up location at your venue.
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    The deluxe package is designed for clients that want to create a

    more pronounced atmosphere. This package provides necessities
    for those who prefer to add a little extra effect to the atmosphere.
    Designed with a larger venue in mind. If you require a package that
    has the basics, with a little extra, for a larger crowd, this is the package
    for you. The extra feature added to this package is dance floor lighting.

    • 4 Hours of Service.
    • Accommodates up to approximately 100-150 guest.
    • (2) Dual 15" speakers (2 woofers each)
    • (1) Wireless Microphone.
    • Basic Lighting System (Tri pod 2-3 electronic/led lights)
    • Digital Music Tracks.
    • (1) to (2) Dual 15" Subwoofer (bass support).
    • Accommodates Large crowds.
    • Cost effective, gives you the night club effect without the cost.
    • Solves the problem of enough sound without overwhelming guest.
    • Saves time from piecing together a design with extra equipment.
    • Saves time from guessing what is needed to accommodate the event.
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    The Grahamworks Enteratainment Signature Package is designed for
    clients that require extra services. This package provides services that include
    reception/party/event entertainment planning. This package also includes master
    of ceremonies services. This package is designed for a large venue. The signature
    package allows you to set a night entertainment atmosphere with effect lighting to boot.


    • 4 hours of service.
    • Accommodates 150-500 guest.
    • (2) dual 15" speakers.
    • (2) 15" single speakers on Tri-pods.
    • (2) wireless microphones w/stand.
    • 10 ft lighting (truss system) up to 8 led lights.
    • Reception party planning services.
    • Master of ceremonies.
    • Digital music tracks.
    • Accommodates large crowd.
    • Sets a night entertainment atmosphere.
    • Saves time in planning event entertainment.
    • Saves money by combining MC services and planning services.
    • Solves problem of figuring out how to coordinate entertainment services.
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    The premium package is designed for clients who desire full DJ services,
    with all of the extras. The premium package consists of the services that
    includes master of ceremonies, event entertainment, reception entertainment
    and party planning. The premium package also offers event/reception/ party
    invitations to be distributed or promoted by Grahamworks Entertainment.
    Included in this package also is monogram GOBO design for your event.

    •  4 Hours of service
    • Accommodates up to 150-1000 guest
    • (2) Dual 15" subwoofers (bass support)
    • (4) 15" speakers mounted on tri-pods/dual
    • 10 ft lighting (truss system) 8 led lights
    • Fog Machine
    • Reception/party planning
    • Master of ceremonies
    • Event invitations/promotion
    • Gobo Monogram
    • Digital music tracks.

    • This package has the most design,promotion, and extras built in.
    • Saves money with most services built into the package.
    • Master of ceremonies services built in solving event coordination issues.
    • Saves time by having planning,invitations done for you.
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    Individual Services

        The individual services are designed to accommodate the stand alone needs
       of clients. Clients don't always have a need for a DJ, with this in mind we have
       services that can support other event needs.

     Services Available 
    • Reception Planning
    • Party Planning
    • Master of Ceremonies
    • Event Hosting
    • Promotional Services
    Planning Services
        The Grahamworks Entertainment Planning services are designed to accommodate
       clients who are in need of support in preparing a plan for an entertainment event.
       This service addresses the different aspects of planning, preparing and implementing

        a successful event plan. The client will receive support in preparing , planning and implementing
       their event. If you have been tasked with putting together an event this may be the service
       for you.
    We will evaluate your plan free of charge.  
         Submit Your Plan Here

    Promotion Services
       The promotion services consist of different options of promoting your event. Grahamworks
        Entertainment promotions services will design and distribute electronic invitations/announcements
        to your guest. A banner can be placed on Grahamworks Entertainment internet radio website
        Houston Hot Trax Radio as well. Give your event the appeal of being promoted by an entertainment

    Master of Ceremonies
        One of the most important aspects of an event is communication.
    The Master of Ceremonies services are designed to accommodate, clients that are in need of a host
       for their event. Clients that need to add a voice of entertainment and instruction to their event would
       benefit greatly from these services. .We will handle all aspects of coordinating, giving direction
       and making your guest feel at ease,comfortable, and informed,  to help ensure their enjoyment of the event.

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