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 Their are many different ways that companies have set up for their clients to retain services.
 We have put together a simple process for you to book your services. 
  1. By phone
  2. By website(online)
  3. By email.  
  Often, clients do not have time to meet in person, to book services. No problem.
  Our services can be booked totaly online from the convenience of your home or office.
  Some clients prefer to meet in person in order to get a feel for the person they are hiring
  No problem appointments are available to meet in person.
   Grahamworks Entertainment uses standard methods of purchasing. Deposits of 50%of the agreed
   upon fees are accepted as deposits to retain services. Grahamworks Entertain accepts money orders
   and most major credit cards. Personal checks are not accepted.


1. Choose the package or services that fits your needs.
2. Go to the contacts page and use the online form or call.
3. Submit the form.
4. We will contact you to ensure accuracy of your request.
5. When a price has been agreed upon make your payment.
6. A service agreement will be sent to you for your signature.
7. Done!

Payment Accepted

•Online (pay pal)
•Money order
•Credit Card
•Personal checks not accepted

 Service Agreement                                                                                                                                                                                         

 Grahamworks Entertainment uses a service agreement for your protection.
 The service agreement gives the client the terms and conditions required for
 service. It also protects the clients rights.


You will recieve receipts for all transactions with us.
Grahamworks Entertainment does not collect or store
personal or business financial information.

Grahamworks Entertainment does not sell or share any personal
client information without the consent of the client.
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